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        Plastics machinery industry development direction in our cou
        Views: Added time:2014-04-26 18:56
        China's press industry originated in the late 1950s, after 50 years of development , especially the rapid development since the reform and opening up , the industry has made considerable progress. According to the International Association Secretary-General Luo Baihui mold , plastic machinery wide range of applications including : packaging multiple areas , agriculture , construction, automotive and so on. As the plastic lightweight, recyclable , can be cold formable, multi-functional, its use more widely, the amount is growing, plastic and steel , plastic and wood trends intensified.
        Although the real estate control policies did not appear relaxed, but with the protection of housing construction , favorable factors across regions and sectors 12th Five Year Plan and water conservancy infrastructure construction such as plastics machinery industry provides a good opportunity for development. As well as consumer -liter plastic machinery downstream appliance and automotive industries to create excellent opportunities for development.
        International Association Secretary-General Luo Baihui that mold , diversified market demand, the performance requirements of multi-functional, low-carbon and energy-saving manufacturing processes , such as the entire plastics industry put forward higher requirements, the plastics industry in urgent need of innovation. Future industry multilayer , precision is the main direction of development of plastic machinery . In recent years , the development of special grades of plastic , development of engineering plastics , the emergence of composite materials, plastic products, large-scale structure , lightweight and thin wall technology via the plastics machinery industry has put forward higher requirements.
        Nowadays the demand and consumption of plastics heat changed a lot , but still the major manufacturers of plastic machinery and the majority of consumers are most concerned about . And China's plastics machinery industry is still the biggest problem currently exists independent innovation capability is low, less upscale and personalized special breed , industry concentration is low problem .
        With the continuous development of the plastics machinery industry , plastic machinery rising foreign sales , exports from the original countries in Southeast Asia , the Middle East to expand to Europe , the United States and other developed countries and regions.
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