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        Domestic plastics machinery industry to seek new breakthroug
        Views: Added time:2014-04-26 18:56
        Development of domestic plastics machinery industry is quite affecting the people . Data show that , after years of sustained development, the domestic plastics machinery industry has made ??great strides , exports accounted for almost half of the total domestic production of the product a considerable proportion in developing countries. At the same time , favorable domestic policies but also to contribute to the long-term development of the industry . For example , the national " home appliances to the countryside" and "TM" policy will have a positive impact on the development of plastic machinery . The " equipment manufacturing industry restructuring and revitalization plan ," the introduction and implementation of the " technical progress and transformation equipment industry investment direction ( 2010 ) ," and other major strategic , but also for plastics machinery industry has provided favorable conditions and opportunities. In addition , the domestic protection of housing construction , regions and industries , " second five" planning and construction of water conservancy projects will greatly stimulate the demand for plastic building materials industry. Statistics show that the application field of plastic materials is constantly expanding , plastic and steel is becoming an inevitable trend. Affected by this, the joint development of plastic machinery industry is not surprising. However, despite the favorable heavy domestic plastics machinery industry, there are many gaps , of which the most pressing problem is that industry concentration is not high . From the current overall situation of the domestic plastics machinery industry point of view, " man operation ," the more, the lack of a clustering effect . Since the industrial past scattered, making the economic benefits arising from greatly reduced . In this regard , the experts pointed out that domestic plastics machinery industry should accelerate the pace of development, through the establishment of industrial cluster parks , lack of industrial concentration crack plight . In addition , continue to strengthen the independent innovation capability , focusing on upscale and personalized special varieties to meet market needs.
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