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        The rapid rise of China's plastics machinery industry gain a
        Views: Added time:2014-04-26 18:56
        Plastic machinery industry competition is becoming increasingly intense. Demand and consumption in the plastic heat driven , plastic machinery is being more and more enterprises as a strategic powerhouse , and one domestic domestic plastics machinery business performance is undoubtedly affecting the people .
        All along, China's plastics machinery industry has lagged behind Europe, North America and Japan , compared with the level of foreign plastic machinery is still some distance. Mainly in the domestic plastics machinery industry independent innovation capability is low, less upscale and personalized special breed , industry concentration is low .
        However , delightful , with the domestic plastics machinery companies in R & D and innovation capability of growing, more and more enterprises begin to fling , its strength should not be underestimated . Statistics show that by the independent research and development of highly efficient and energy-saving features are plastic machinery have emerged, and the market share is still expanding. Some domestic plastics machinery business is started development and production of all-electric injection molding machine , which is no doubt the whole country is a kind of plastic machinery inspired and promoted.
        In this regard , the industry pointed out that domestic plastics machinery companies strong rise reassuring , but also people see hope . Considering the broad space for development of domestic industry presses , domestic plastics machinery business , after all, there are more useless . In particular, some high technological content, good performance, relatively affordable models, such as large , sophisticated, special injection molding machine , low temperature , high-power single- screw extruder for the production of high resistance and heat resistance packaging infiltration materials such as multilayer coextrusion blow molding machine , the production of industrial parts ( auto parts ) blow molding machinery, has good prospects for development .
        Therefore , experts suggest , plastics machinery market in the face of fierce competition in the domestic plastics machinery enterprises have their own difficulties only one sky. And after a strong rise , how to gain a foothold will undoubtedly become a new topic of domestic plastics machinery business.
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