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        Celebrate Dalian Plastics Machinery Factory upgrade success!
        Views: Added time:2014-04-26 18:54
        February 18
                 Celebrate Dalian Plastics Machinery Factory Company official website upgrade was successful .
                 Dalian Plastics Machinery Factory was founded in the eighties of the last century . After ups and downs, from 1993 into the track of healthy development , now has developed into research and development, manufacturing, marketing as one of the manufacturing of plastics, rubber processing equipment manufacturing enterprise shares .
                 Technology, innovation, market is the corporate philosophy ,
                 Quality, service , integrity is the purpose of the enterprise .
                 Over the years , with excellent products and good reputation , has won the trust and praise wide range of users , covering domestic provinces (regions ) , exported to the region of Northeast Asia , Southeast Asia , Central Asia, Eastern Europe, Africa and America .
                  In order to meet the market , comply enterprise development needs of the information age , the company was registered in 2001 and opened only official website : http://www.lisamensink.com years achieved certain results .
                  In early 2011 , to meet the enterprise information strategy, the company with years of information technology operators - CE Dongli together again , and successfully upgraded website marketing enterprise cloud platform , the new member companies registered to download corporate information , corporate information management , corporate offices and management , corporate websites and more terminal browser , Internet promotion, corporate functions , the majority of customers at home and abroad to provide in-depth application services and welcome new and old customers to log on and made valuable comments and suggestions.
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