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        Han brothers yikes!
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        Recently , the State Council held a forum on work in Xinjiang , President Hu Jintao at the meeting that do a good job in the new situation in Xinjiang is to improve the living standards of the masses of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang , to achieve the target of building a moderately prosperous society in an inevitable requirement depth implementation of the western development strategy , foster new economic growth points , expanding the strategic choice of China's economic development is an important deployment of China's implementation of mutually beneficial and win-win strategy of opening up , the development of all-round opening-up pattern is to strengthen national unity , safeguard national unity , urgently required to ensure long-term stability of the frontier . Accelerate the construction of a socialist harmonious and stable prosperity for Xinjiang , is the common will of the whole Party and people of all nationalities , is the common responsibility of all Chinese people . The whole Party must fully understand the work of the Party and state work in Xinjiang global significance , to ensure the economic and social development in Xinjiang upswing to work out a solid long-term stability of Xinjiang , Xinjiang to promote leapfrog development and long-term stability , and constantly create a new situation in Xinjiang . 30 years of development of China's packaging industry in our country has made tremendous contributions to the commodity economy , but also provides a number of less investment , environmental protection , good economic returns, the market for our quick-impact projects in poor areas . Some packaging enterprises in these areas has created carton factory , plastics factory , not only for the local solve product packaging , but also many people since then embarked on Getting Rid off the road. Dalian Plastics Machinery Factory is one of them . Lift things Dalian Plastics Machinery Plant services to minority areas in Xinjiang , but also talking about it 10 years ago . Dalian Plastics Machinery Factory is a research and development, production and marketing as one of the plastic , rubber processing equipment expertise . Founder decades, they always adhere to scientific and technological innovation as the guide, user-oriented Western Region , the development of some of the technology is mature, advanced technology products, including multi-layer co-extruded plastic film blowing machine , plastic granulator unit , plastic crusher , pelletizer, pipe unit and other plastic packaging machinery products for users of poverty in poor areas to bring the gospel. Multilayer coextrusion equipment plant which is a nice quality hard- leading products, because the price is appropriate, good sales in the market . Use their equipment to produce co-extruded film in food, pharmaceuticals, electronics and other industries has been widely used. Dalian Plastics Machinery Plant for users to create economic benefits of the corporate philosophy has been authorized users, has won the trust of users. Early May 2000 , the head of Dalian Plastics Machinery Factory director Lin Ming and technology sales department line travel long distances from the picturesque coastal city of Dalian came to the northwest edge of Xinjiang , where finding visit to the demand for plastic machinery . They took the brothers services Xinjiang Aksu traveled enthusiasm , southern , northern , visit the corps , business , prisons , farms, rural areas. Recalls that when things director Lin Ming or emotionally. He said that Xinjiang is China 's main plant cotton , cotton production more than 2 million tons , accounting for total output of 1/3, is a veritable " cotton kingdom ." In order to increase production, has begun to promote water-saving irrigation techniques and mulching techniques . Through research they found that although a large amount of mulch in Xinjiang , but there are few local film production companies , the need to purchase from the field , because of poor roads , can not guarantee delivery time. Returned to Dalian after their film, drip irrigation demand products , as well as the lack of local packaging products according to Xinjiang Agricultural practical . Focus on the development and production of plastic machinery to adapt to the Xinjiang region , including film blowing machine , drip tape , three co-extruded packaging film blowing machine and some good quality equipment, but also actively participate in the annual organized by the Urumqi Foreign Economic Relations and Trade negotiations Council ( Urumqi Fair ) . Their plastic machinery has been welcomed by users in Xinjiang , in Aksu , southern , northern begin to settle down, users complained Dalian Plastics Machinery Plant not only for product development in Xinjiang good quality , stable performance, after-sales service in place, and Xinjiang region users of Han and ethnic minorities as sincere, warm . Mulch and drip tape products into the market through the use of farmers and food companies generally believe that product quality hard life . Not only is the co- users of plastic machinery factory in Dalian obtain an objective economic benefits , but also the credibility of Dalian Plastics Machinery Plant in Xinjiang upgrade. Their users are gradually extended to the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps , southern , northern regions. To this end, Aksu Prefecture agricultural companies , leaders of the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, also made ??a special trip to Dalian Plastics Machinery Plant , thanked them offer good products and good service , but also for their development of agriculture and the local Corps minority contribution to make to get rid of poverty ethnic brothers thanked . Merchants from five countries in East Asia Xinjiang users get information after it began in Urumqi Foreign Economic Relations and Trade Fair and Dalian Plastics Machinery Plant signed a supply contract , to make Dalian presses products out of the country . Dalian Plastics Machinery Plant dedication to service is also reflected in the Xinjiang region users the most difficult and time of need . July 5, 2009 , an extraordinary event occurred in Urumqi, Xinjiang , by the attention of the world and people across the country , but also touched the hearts of all the staff Dalian Plastics Machinery Plant heart . After the incident, Comrade Lin Ming Dalian plastic machinery factory manager and the sales department is the relationship between the user's situation , anxious to give every user in Xinjiang long-distance calls . Lin Director: Hey,艾格孜斯拉wood it? Hello ? Equipment operation how? What are the difficulties Need Help ? Users there answer : Good ! We are good ! Normal production , the equipment is normal, you worry. Lin Director: How are you ? What equipment operation ? The response: There is a small worn parts need to be replaced , so after a period of time to say it . Lin Director: No, you can not delay the production, I will immediately send someone to go. The other said : No, the situation here has not been stable , you do not come first . Lin Ming firmly replied : It does not matter that there is a big risk that we have to go ! Users excitement: it's too Thank you, Thank you so much ! The conversation was short, but profound friendship between mapping out the plastic machinery factory in Dalian and users. This is not only the user's business and friendship , it is brotherhood between Han Chinese and ethnic minorities in Xinjiang . Through this friendship greetings Dalian Plastics Machinery Plant , the CPC Central Committee and State Council concern events in Xinjiang and Xinjiang Minorities caring brothers turned into waves , into the distant frontier. Dalian Plastics Machinery Factory is said, and also to do so , in those days , they sent the best service technicians went to Xinjiang for the user to do a return visit or service in the minds of users to establish the Han in Xinjiang minority brothers overcome difficulties good image of the national services. Dalian Plastics Machinery Factory director Nick Lim said with deep feeling , for 10 years we have consistently Xinjiang region users, although a lot more hard work , a little something to profits, but in exchange it is the user's satisfaction and Xinjiang brothers poverty rich, we are working hard to meet up . Lin Ming said that in a profound understanding of the CPC Central Committee , the State Council held a work conference in Xinjiang after the spirit , we feel , to support the construction of Xinjiang, to boost economic and social development in Xinjiang , is to strengthen national unity , safeguard national unity , to ensure long-term stability of the frontier urgent requirement . Is the common responsibility of all Chinese people . We will always continue to provide quality and cheap plastic machinery products Xinjiang brothers , for the implementation of the central work conference in Xinjiang and make new contributions . Now, Dalian Plastics Machinery Factory has to do a better job of serving the Xinjiang brothers do a new preparation. For the new situation of economic development in Xinjiang , Dalian Plastics Machinery Plant constantly on product innovation , whether extrusion head , or the screw parts are improved, some equipment is also used by the user for different materials were particularly design . Xinjiang everywhere embodies the concept of user-oriented and energy saving features . Dalian Plastics Machinery Plant engineering and technical staff said that although we pay more labor , but the thought of allowing users to Xinjiang, more satisfied , we are hard points are worth . Aksu , a plastics factory in charge艾格孜斯拉Wood said plastic machinery factory in Dalian Han friends, forthright and sincere , brought us good projects and advanced equipment , through their high quality products and dedicated service allows us to get a tangible economic benefits, but also allows us to enhance the friendship between brothers and Han . Han brothers yikes ! Dalian Plastics Machinery Plant friends yikes !
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